Happy Solar Project

At the Happy Solar project, we successfully harnessed the power of sunlight to generate a substantial 135 MW of clean and sustainable energy. Our work primarily entailed expertly terminating DC cables into inverters and seamlessly connecting MV cables into the same. We also handled DC terminations into combiner boxes, ensuring the efficient aggregation of power sources. Additionally, our team meticulously addressed DC and MV grounding within the inverters, bolstering safety and performance. To ensure the system's reliability and efficiency, we conducted a comprehensive commissioning and final testing phase, guaranteeing that the solar power generation operates at its full potential.

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Happy Solar, a monumental undertaking in Searcy, Arkansas, has exemplified innovation and sustainability in the realm of renewable energy generation. With a remarkable capacity of 135 MW, this solar initiative has made significant contributions to the region’s clean energy landscape. One of the project’s key achievements has been the precise and efficient termination of DC cables into inverters. This meticulous process ensures the seamless conversion of solar power into usable electricity.


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