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Whaling Solar Project

Nestled in an undisclosed expanse, the Whaling Solar project may be modest in size, but its contribution to sustainable energy is anything but. With a capacity of 5 MW, this project demonstrates how renewable energy solutions can be effectively integrated into various environments, promoting cleaner and more responsible power generation.


Salt City Solar Project

Nestled on the outskirts of Chillicothe, Ross County, Ohio, the Salt City Solar Project is a remarkable endeavor with the potential to transform the local energy landscape. With an estimated capacity of 50MW upon its full realization, this project signifies a significant step towards harnessing sustainable and clean power sources for the community, exemplifying their


Whitehorn Solar Project

Nestled in the scenic landscape of Southern Virginia, the Whitehorn Solar Project stands as a testament to sustainable energy innovation. Located just outside the charming town of Gretna, in Pittsylvania County, this remarkable endeavor stretches across 450 pristine acres. It features an impressive installation of 180,096 cutting-edge solar modules, harmoniously harnessing the sun’s power. With


Hawtree Creek Solar Project

Nestled on the outskirts of the picturesque town of Warrenton, in Warren County, North Carolina, the Hawtree Creek Solar farm stands as a fully operational testament to sustainable energy generation. Covering an expansive terrain of around 1,000 acres, this visionary project boasts an impressive installation of 223,920 cutting-edge solar modules, making it a true marvel


Blue Stone Solar Project

Bluestone Solar Farm, located just outside the picturesque town of Chase City in Mecklenburg County, Virginia, is a thriving testament to sustainable energy production. Encompassing an impressive 330 acres, this solar project boasts the installation of 170,586 state-of-the-art solar modules. With the capacity to generate up to 50 megawatts (MW) of clean and renewable energy,


Anson Solar Project

In the heart of Anson, Texas, the Anson Solar project has set an impressive benchmark in the realm of renewable energy with its remarkable capacity of 210 MW. The project’s accomplishments are nothing short of extraordinary. A pivotal part of this endeavor involved the meticulous installation of solar trackers and racking systems, an essential element


Happy Solar Project

At the Happy Solar project, we successfully harnessed the power of sunlight to generate a substantial 135 MW of clean and sustainable energy. Our work primarily entailed expertly terminating DC cables into inverters and seamlessly connecting MV cables into the same. We also handled DC terminations into combiner boxes, ensuring the efficient aggregation of power


Fort Fairfield Project

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Fort Fairfield, Maine, the Fort Fairfield Solar project has made significant strides in the realm of renewable energy, generating a reliable 5 MW of clean power. While the specific land area remains unspecified, the impact of this initiative is undeniable. A critical component of this endeavor was the precise


Bangor Solar Project

Located in the vibrant city of Bangor, Maine, the Bangor, ME Solar project has been a beacon of innovation and sustainability, generating a substantial 7 MW of clean energy. The project’s impact on the local energy landscape is substantial. A pivotal aspect of this initiative was the precise and efficient installation of solar modules, a


Samson Solar Project

The Samson Solar project is a behemoth of sustainable energy production, with an astounding capacity of 1310 MW. This ambitious venture encompasses a wide array of critical tasks, demonstrating a profound commitment to the renewable energy cause. Samson Solar goes beyond conventional solar installations, focusing on not only energy generation but also the responsible

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